There are many ways to describe Hippie Kalen, but unique, talented, and charismatic just seem to scratch the surface. One word, however, defines his lyrics, bought on via deep thoughts, experiences, and feelings: REAL. Few rap so honestly from their heart and soul; no fronts or gimmicks. Hippie Kalen delivers his messages in just the right way, combining art, story and words in perfect unison.

Recently, during an interview with Hippie Kalen, he was asked to name five artists in which, artistically, he believes he is most akin to. Flow, cadence, style, and delivery were all qualities to consider. HIPP credits rap artists School Boy Q,  Wiz Khalifa, Ab Soul, Curren$y and Young Thug for impacting and influencing his style.


On a more personal level, HIPP, enjoys playing online video games, bowling, pool, Blue Moon beer, Phase 10 card game, chess & roller skating.

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  Keep That

Have a Look

  Hippe Kalen has had the experience of being homeless, jobless and broke. But he has never once thought to hurt anyone to get what he didn't have. His latest song is directed to folks "mean mugging," hurting, scamming and robbing other people. They can "keep that" negative energy away from him. Hippie Kalen strives daily to be a good person, with focus on his spirit, personal growth and his music.




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